Room For Two

Having two basins in a bathroom can offer several advantages for homeowners. First, it can save time by allowing two people to use the basin at the same time. Second, it can create more storage space under the counter or on the wall. Third, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of the bathroom by adding symmetry and style.

Room For Two, Featuring Dansani Luna

The Dansani Luna furniture collection is a range of elegant and functional bathroom furniture that combines style and quality. The collection features sleek designs, soft-close drawers, and customizable options to suit your personal taste and needs. Whether you prefer a minimalist or a classic look, the Dansani Luna furniture collection can help you create your dream bathroom.

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Dansani Moon With Frame Mirror

Item No: S829-028
Width: 900mm
Height: 900mm
IP44 Rated


Bespoke Minore Basins

Item No: 337820503
Width: 2000mm
Depth: 440mm


Dansani Luna Nordic Oak Unit

Item No: M14-1025
Width: 800mm
Height: 640mm
Depth: 440mm


Dansani Luna Nordic Oak

Item No: M47-1025
Width: 600mm
Height: 640mm
Depth: 440mm


Dansani LED Downlight

Downlight to floor Including Motion Sensor.

X2 80cm
X1 60cm

Dansani Luna Vanity Unit


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