Rimless Design

Rimless flush toilets are a modern innovation that offer many advantages over traditional toilets. Learn about some of the benefits of a rimless Toilet.

Benefits of a Rimless Toilet. 

Rimless toilets are becoming more popular among homeowners who want to improve hygiene and save water. Rimless toilets have no rim, which means there is no place for dirt, limescale, bacteria, or germs to hide. Rimless toilets also have a more powerful flush that cleans the entire bowl with less water. Lets discover below a few of the brands that have this technology. 

GSI Swirlflush

Hygiene: Swirlflush toilets eliminates the hidden rim where bacteria and dirt can accumulate. Swirlflush toilets are paired with with Extraglaze which is an antibacterial ceramic coating that makes the surfaces extremely smooth thus making them easier to clean and more sanitary with very little effort.

Water efficiency: Rimless toilets use less water than conventional toilets, saving you money on your water bills and reducing your environmental impact.

Design: Swirlflush toilets have a sleek and minimalist design that can suit any bathroom style and space.

Performance: Rimless toilets have a powerful and even flush that prevents clogging and ensures a thorough cleaning of the bowl

Extremely quiet: Swirlflush® new drain system with a noise level of just 64dB, is extremely quiet during the draining performance.

GSI Pura Wall Mounted Toilet Swirlflush
GSI Pura Wall Mounted Toilet Swirlflush

Villeroy & Boch TwistFlush

Hygiene: Easy cleaning thanks to the fully rimless bowl. Excellent flushing performance and coverage, minimising potential residual contamination

Water efficiency: A family can save up to 19,700 litres of water a year with TwistFlush. The toilet only needs 4.5 litres for a large flush and a mere 3 litres for a small one.

Design: Rimless flush toilets have a sleek and minimalist design that can suit any bathroom style and space.

Performance: The patent-pending TwistFlush technology far exceeds the standard requirements. strong pull, which carries waste away, is generated in the conical bowl

Quiet: Twistflush toilets have a much quieter flush than a traditional toilet. 

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