Water Systems

Identifying your water system is key to providing the correct products, So you can enjoy your new bathroom to the full potential. To help you understand which water system you have use the guide below. In order to obtain accurate water pressure measurements, We always recommend using a plumber/installer to obtain this information with a water pressure gauge before you finalise any orders.

High Pressure System Example

Mains High Pressure

High Pressure – HP (1 – 3Bar)

• Unvented cylinder with an expansion cylinder
• No cold water storage tank in the loft
• Stored hot water
• Balanced Pressure
• Limited to Mains Pressure


Medium Pressure – MP (1Bar – 1.5Bar)*

• Combination boiler fitted providing hot water on demand
• No storage tanks in property
• No shower pump installed
*Pressure is dependent upon the age and size of the combi boiler plus the mains water pressure.
 A 28KW combi boiler will typically provide between 1Bar – 1.5Bar pressure.

Combie System Example
Gravity Fed System

Gravity Fed Systems

Low Pressure – LP (0.2Bar)

• Cold water storage tank in the loft
• Hot water cylinder in property
• No shower pump installed

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